All Members Please Read.

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    All Members Please Read.

    Post by Mr Antt on Sat 01 Sep 2012, 8:55 am

    Hi people,

    So after four rounds of our SEAT series, there are some things that have been brought to my attention.

    First off, I'd like to thank everyone for help making the series a success so far, it's great to see so much participation. Two weeks down, both with 10-player lobbies, which is excellent!

    However, on a serious note - I need to address the following:

    Track Etiquette:

    It's important. Please, please, please, use it. I'm not being harsh, not picking on people - But if we have an accident, push a member off the track, give them the place back - It's only fair.

    If you are about to be lapped, please make room for the player following you. I'm not saying "you're slower, get out the way", and it's rude to have to say down the microphone that someone is blocking. It's not nice to be told you're a lap down, especially if you couldn't help it. Unfortunately, Forza Motorsport doesn't incorporate a flag system, as in this case there would be blue flags waving all over the place. If you can help it, hold back on a straight to allow the faster cars past, as trying to lap players on corners isn't easy, particularly when there are multiple people needing to lap another car.

    Corner Cutting, whilst I've not seen any, please bear it in mind. I'm not accusing, just want to keep things fair. It happens by accident, I know - But just go easy.

    Simulation Damage & Pit Stops

    We race with simulation damage for a reason - It encourages fair and clean racing. Cars bump, people get tangled at the start, but it sucks to see people having their car totally wrecked at the start of the race. This somewhat files under track etiquette, but there are plenty of laps in the races we do. Whilst the second race is significantly shorter, it doesn't have to be won on the first lap. This is a trend I'm beginning to see, as last week we had a similar situation where cars were ruined in the second race, whilst everyone's first race was absolutely fine. Go steady, give racing room. There's plenty of time to pass. I know a sprint race is intended to be exciting, but it's not going to be if half the field can't even compete. This links in with pit stops as you're supposed to be looking after you car, and have some consideration for the cars of others. Damage = unwanted stops. I don't want to get to the point where we have to turn damage off, because then we'll have people bashing people about all over the place. And that's just not fun. We can get that in the public hoppers.

    Unfortunately, I had to exclude a member from the results this evening. Whilst I admire his honesty, I don't want to have to do this on a regular basis, or at all for that matter. Pit stops are a requirement, they were suggested, and agreed upon by members. They add another element to the race besides racing itself. They effect the results, brings in strategy and a little fun. If you damage your car before the designated pit window, by all means pit and get repaired. However, if you fail to pit a second time after the window you will be stripped of your result for that race. I'm sorry, this is just the rule agreed upon. Whilst it may seem harsh, it's unfair for people to pit way early in the race, and then just run to the finish having clear track.


    Sorry for my little rant type thing here. But I want everyone to be happy, and I don't want people falling out over on track incidents or broken rules.

    Please take note of the points here, and I urge you all to re-read the rules and information in the official thread. We should all understand, and I've no doubt we do - But we need this to all function properly to make it as enjoyable as possible.


    - Anthony.

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