There's going to be a clearout at some point, be warned.

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    There's going to be a clearout at some point, be warned.

    Post by Mr Antt on Mon 06 Aug 2012, 5:03 am

    Only joking, nothing to be afraid of Razz

    It's just that the club garage has over 100 cars in it at the moment, and last time I checked hardly any of them have actually been used. So, I shall be completely emptying the garage so we can start over.

    My original intention for the garage was to gather a good selection of cars to be used in a variety of events (and ideally have them all painted the same, for some cheeky advertising and such, but that's not totally necessary). I'd like to try again, but I got stuck on the idea of just letting people share want they like, but now it's become total chaos in there. The problem is that there are many cars in there which can't necessarily be used online in lobbies with other people, either because they're not set up for it or they're relatively low-mid class meaning they'll just get walked all over by the people in the lobby.

    Now, don't get me wrong - I'm no expert when it comes to tuning and such, but I can tell when a car isn't up to the job. And I don't mean that out of any disrespect to anybody, it's great that so many people are willing to share their cars. It's just personally I feel there are too many, yet it's creating the effect of having too little. If that makes sense to anyone else?

    Please don't take this personally. And, for good measure I'm removing my stuff as well because let's be honest, my 911 is the only one of mine that's any good. And that's only because Bluesky helped with the tune.

    Thanks for your cooperation,

    - Anthony.

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    Re: There's going to be a clearout at some point, be warned.

    Post by stirlingsheep on Sun 19 Aug 2012, 11:09 pm

    2011 #06 Audi Touring Car
    I've put it in the garage for sharing, but there is no tune on it, if anyone wants it to personally tune and they can upload it, pm me and I'll gift it to them and they can upload. Anyway, its inspired by my neighbor's van across the street.

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