Its me Linuvwen



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    Its me Linuvwen

    Post by linuvwen on Fri 03 Aug 2012, 1:42 pm

    Gamertag : linuvwen
    Real Name :russell
    Age :42
    Place of Residence :georgia. U.S.A.
    Occupation :Tire and lube express service manager
    Real Life Car :2010 cobalt P.O.S.
    Desirable Real Life Car :458 Italia
    Favorite Bands :Megadeth
    Hobbies & Interests :Baseball,Soccer,

    I am not a great racer and i hate racing fast rwd cars mostly cause i cant control them lol. I like racing the smaller less powerful cars simply because i think its a better racing experience for me.

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    Re: Its me Linuvwen

    Post by granturismoman on Fri 03 Aug 2012, 5:50 pm

    Hey-welcome to the club linuven-I'll see you on the track.

    "Owning a Viper is as strange and wonderful as owning a pet elephant"

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    Re: Its me Linuvwen

    Post by Racerluc on Fri 03 Aug 2012, 7:08 pm

    Welcome to the club mate !

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    Re: Its me Linuvwen

    Post by Ben2012X on Fri 03 Aug 2012, 8:59 pm


    Clarkson on a car he didn't like very much: "It has the zip of a chairlift. The only thing this car will make you feel like is a cup of Horlicks with a splash of hemlock."

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    Re: Its me Linuvwen

    Post by Rudyard77 on Fri 03 Aug 2012, 10:39 pm

    Good to have you onboard Russell. Feel free to enter any of the comps we have running - don't worry, none of us are elite drivers and its more about having some fun.

    I think its fun to race some of the lower class too sometimes.

    See you on the track Very Happy

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    Re: Its me Linuvwen

    Post by jim1 on Sat 04 Aug 2012, 12:23 am

    Welcome to the club!
    Mr Antt

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    Re: Its me Linuvwen

    Post by Mr Antt on Sat 04 Aug 2012, 1:27 am

    Well hello there Smile

    Welcome to the club, I hope you enjoy it here. We're just a group of people who enjoy racing when they get chance and mainly for fun and friendly competition.

    I like a couple of Megadeth tracks myself, so that's not a bad choice there Smile

    - Anthony.

    I can't dance, but I can sure as hell drive! Cool

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    Re: Its me Linuvwen

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