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    Post by cloudburster on Sun 29 Jul 2012, 1:38 am

    Gamertag : cloudburster... i really need to change that
    Real Name : Chuck
    Age : 35
    Place of Residence :USA
    Real Life Car : Mustang Gt Bullitt, 79 Camaro Z-28
    Desirable Real Life Car : Ferrari F40
    Favorite Bands :2 many to list
    Hobbies & Interests : Drag racing, spending time with the kids.

    Thanks for the invite. I hope to meet you online. I didn't realize this was a European club but that;s cool. I always enjoy meeting people from different cultures. I'm not the best racer or tuner out but I race clean and just enjoy the game. See you all online Very Happy
    Mr Antt

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    Re: cloudburster

    Post by Mr Antt on Sun 29 Jul 2012, 2:23 am

    We're EU based, but by no means EU restricted Smile

    Welcome to the club, and the forums for that matter. Always nice to see a new face around here as we urge members to sign up here. Just makes communication far easier and you get the heads up about all of the events and news and what-not. We've got a couple of (not-so)little competitions going on at the moment, so check them out.

    I personally love the F40, and it's at the top of my list of cars I simply MUST own one day. (Hey, I can dream).

    Again, welcome to the club!

    - Anthony.

    I can't dance, but I can sure as hell drive! Cool

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    Re: cloudburster

    Post by Ben2012X on Sun 29 Jul 2012, 4:26 am

    Lovely pair of cars!
    A new face is always good, and one that uses the forums is great.

    Another F40 lover here

    See you around!

    Clarkson on a car he didn't like very much: "It has the zip of a chairlift. The only thing this car will make you feel like is a cup of Horlicks with a splash of hemlock."

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    Re: cloudburster

    Post by Rudyard77 on Sun 29 Jul 2012, 4:43 am

    Hey Chuck, welcome to the club! Good to have you onboard.

    F40 - one seriously cool car. Did you guys here about this gathering - over 60 of them!

    Ferrari F40 Gathering

    Feel free to check out the various competitions that we have ongoing at present in the club events section of the forum.



    Re: cloudburster

    Post by Guest on Sun 29 Jul 2012, 5:00 am

    Hello cloudburster,

    a warm welcome too from my side. I hope you'll have a good time with us and the team.
    If you need any tunes feel free to ask me.
    We all don't belong to the group of the hypwerfast guys, so I guess you can keep pace with us easily.

    As mentioned check our competitions and participate in them. You also can run your own competition whenever you want.
    If you want to do online races, feel free to invite us guys. I'm sure, some of us won't say no.

    Greets from good old Germany,


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    Re: cloudburster

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