Sports car inter club cup



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    Sports car inter club cup

    Post by throwmeahotdog on Thu 10 Jan 2013, 6:35 am

    Sports Car Open Championship

    Teams of 2 drivers
    Three races per session -
    Race one - ghosts, best lap
    Race two - long race with pit stop. The pit stop must occur during the pit window (displayed in brackets), counted from the lap you enter the pits. It is your job to ensure you do not enter the pits too quickly and cause a drive through instead of a stop. If this happens you must make another stop, or risk disqualification if discovered.
    Race three - short sprint race
    Reverse grid

    Track Etiquette:
    Forza may just be a game, but at the same time we all want to have fun. Please follow the following guidelines:
    -Drive as if it was real and judge gaps with the aim to finish unscathed as opposed to trying to get in front as soon as possible.
    -If you are trying to pass you should have at least half your car along side the car you are trying to pass before you can 'claim' space on the track. That being said, they may not be aware of your presence so be prepared to back out.
    -If you cause a collision or make a pass off track or gain an advantage off track you should give the place back.
    -No matter what happens aggressive behaviour over mic's will not be tolerated.
    -If you feel another driver has acted unfairly save a replay of the race and upload it to your storefront with the time that the event occurred in the description. Send me a message on Xbox live to let me know, and I'll decide if any action needs to be taken.

    Points are awarded for each race per week. At the end of the session the points will be totaled and awarded championship points depending on final position. In both instances points are awarded as follows:
    1st - 25
    2nd - 19
    3rd - 14
    4th - 11
    5th - 9
    6th - 7
    7th - 5
    8th - 3
    9nth - 2
    10th - 1
    At the end of the series each contestant has their lowest score dropped from their final tally. Each team will have their lowest 2 scores dropped. In the event of a tie dropped scores will be used to decide final positions.

    Car restrictions:
    PI must not exceed 600 (class A)
    Engine placement must be mid
    Drive train must be RWD
    Must be naturally aspirated
    Year must be 1990 or greater
    Team mates must use same car and build (parts)
    Team mates may use different tunes

    Livery restrictions:
    Racing number must be displayed on both sides of the car using the vinyl from my SF
    Racing numbers must be between 100 and 999 and are on a first come first basis
    Team mates must use identical liveries apart from:
    -Racing number
    -Driver name / flag
    -Rim colour
    -Minor details such as bumper stickers

    All races will be held on Wednesdays at 19.30 UK time. The start may be delayed up to 10 minutes if someone is late.

    Track 1: Bernese Alps Club Circuit 4 laps
    Track 2: Bernese Alps Club Circuit 17 laps (4-14)
    Track 3: Bernese Alps Festival Circuit Reverse 6 laps

    Track 1: Ladera Test Track Full 4 laps
    Track 2: Ladera Test Track Full 25 laps (5-20)
    Track 3: Camino Viejo de Montserrat Full 10 laps

    Track 1: Mazda Laguna Seca 4 laps
    Track 2: Mazda Laguna Seca 15 laps (3-12)
    Track 3: Mazda Laguna Seca 7 laps

    Track 1: Road Atlanta Club Circuit 4 laps
    Track 2: Road Atlanta 24 laps (5-19)
    Track 3: Road Atlanta Full Circuit 5 laps

    Track 1: Tsukuba Circuit Full 4 laps
    Track 2: Tsukuba Circuit Full 22 laps (4-18)
    Track 3: Tsukuba Circuit Full 11 laps

    Track 1: Twin Ring Montegi East Circuit 4 laps
    Track 2: Twin Ring Montegi East Circuit 15 laps (3-13)
    Track 3: Twin Ring Montegi Full Circuit 5 laps

    If you wish to participate complete the following form and send it to me (Throwmeahotdog) via Xbox live:

    Team Name:
    Driver 1 Name and racing number:
    Driver 2 Name and racing number:


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    Re: Sports car inter club cup

    Post by throwmeahotdog on Mon 14 Jan 2013, 2:31 am

    Got a few other clubs in on this, still not too late to sign up if you're interested

    I'm trying to get myself organised over several different forums and it's starting to get a tad confusing, so I think I've come up with a solution:

    I only started using this today but it looks like it will do the job. Basically, all you need to do is sign up and download. Once you've done that, I can link a folder to your email address and you will be able to access it when ever, where ever. As a bonus, not only can I get the results out quickly and easily, everyone involved can share photos and such.

    I need everyone to sign up officially
    Please copy and paste this and send it to me via xbox live. Use this site if its easier.

    xbox live name:
    Racing Number:
    Team Name: (Enter xxx if you don't have a team mate)
    Club: (If you're not teamed up with someone I'll try to partner you with someone in your club)
    Email address: (To link with dropbox)

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